It is a proven fact that printers and businesses in the graphic communications industry are at least 10% more successful when they are actively involved with their trade association. For our industry, the reasons for this are numerous including outstanding technical, environmental and legislative programs, as well as unparalleled benchmarking, financial and economic reports provided through Printing Industries of America. Printing Industries of America also provides the latest digital marketing information, equipment evaluation and more through the nationally acclaimed, Digital Print Council (DPC). Our local Association offers excellent energy programs that in many cases will pay or save you more money then your membership dues. Other outstanding programs are offered in health and property & casualty insurance, workers’ compensation and outstanding networking events. The purpose of these videos is to provide you with the opportunity to hear from your peers and our Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky Board members on the services and programs they are utilizing. Please take a few minutes to hear how these programs have saved them money and will do the same for you!  
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